For me, SoilDeep represents being Grounded. Staying connected to what makes me a whole person. The concept behind SoilDeep came at a time when I was faced with many decisions that would all lead down different iterations of my life. At a moment of uncertainty, I found clarity in remembering that I am capable of so much, and I am guided by all the love around me. I choose what defines me and I am grounded in my truth.

When you think of SoilDeep, I hope you feel encouraged to go deeper in your enjoyment and learning. 



If you dig deep enough into any soil, you’ll find a profile made up of many depths telling the story of its life. As I grow in my understanding of soil ecology I draw constant similarities to human nature, understanding that sustainable growth is a product of organic regenerative effort. There lies my truth, uncovering my roots and transplanting them into enriched cultural knowledge. My roots trace back to rural North Carolina where Jesse Junus Oates, my maternal grandfather, was a sharecropper raising various crops and three children on a four-acre plot of land. I am motivated by grandpa Jesse’s spirit of self-sufficiency, faith in God, and will to steward the land.

The land has all that we need to produce what we desire. I am present as a conduit for The Most High’s renewable creativity. 

From this motive, all SoilDeep products were cultivated.